Short Term Accommodation (Respite)

Short Term Accommodation – Respite

STAY provides both planned Short Term Accommodation and a limited amount of emergency accommodation for families and other volunteer caregivers of adults and children with disabilities. The program allows people living with a disability to experience time away from home in a safe, engaging and supported environment, so family and carers can take a well-deserved break.

We understand the importance of families having time out from their caring responsibilities, and we have the skilled staff and a wide range of specialist equipment to support the person you care for, so that they can achieve their goals, develop new skills, make friends and access the community.

STAY’s Short Term Accommodation offers high quality care to all its participants and continually strives to maintain open communication and a personal-centred approach.

STAY Respite operates on a three-monthly planned booking system. A participant information kit can be obtained by contacting STAY Residential Services on (03) 5572 1038 or by completing the enquire form.


Up-dated – 21st August 2017